Fresh Milling with Millers Choice

Millers Choice is a population of long straw wheats selected by Andy Forbes of Brockwell Bake Association to favour red wheats of Lammas varieties rather than the more modern squarehead wheats to offer flavour, good milling qualities and disease resistance.

The wheat has been grown in harvest 2020 by Mark and Liz Lea of Green Acres Farm.

It is a lovely what to bake with offering reliable gluten development, a good rise and a sweet, nutty taste. It is not overly complex in flavour making it ideal for a flour that can take other ingredients well.


The data shows a Hagberg Falling Number of 310 for Millers Choice from Green Acres this year and a protein level of 13.8%.


Millers choice is an easy and reliable wheat to work with showing good gluten development. It reached a milling temperature of 29 degrees centigrade which is similar to the majority of other wheats tested this year.

It mixed well at 70% hydration with 100% wholemeal flour.

The first coarse sieve sifted out 26g of coarse bran and the fine sieve sifted 50g. 75g of bran was removed in total through sifting resulting in an 85% extraction rate.

Miller choice freshly milled loaves
Millers Choice 85% extraction (left) and wholemeal

You can see from the photo above the additional rise that sieving the bran can give to the loaf.

The extraction loaf took 66% hydration.

500g freshly milled Millers Choice
8g sea salt
5g easy bake yeast
350g water

Extraction flour
425g 85% extraction flour
7g sea salt
5g easy bake yeast
280g water

Both doughs developed using the stretch and fold method.

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