Fresh Milling with Maris Widgeon

Maris Widgeon is classified as a heritage wheat. Bred in 1964 by the Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge to be a bread making wheat and to have the long straw suited to thatching. It is a wheat suited to organic systems.

The grain was grown organically in harvest 2020 by Mark and Liz Lea, Green Acres Farm, Shropshire, UK.

Freshly Milled Maris Widgeon
Wholemeal (left) and extraction flour Maris Widgeon

Data and performance

The data for harvest 2020 shows a protein of 12.4% and a Hagberg Falling Number of 219, which is on the low side for a bread flour. However, the baking performance when freshly milled was good.

The grain was double milled and reached a milling temperature of 29C which is normal for my Komo tabletop mill.

A fine sieve achieved an extraction rate of 89%. A hydration of 65% was sufficient for the extraction flour.


This year’s harvest of Maris Widgeon from Green Acres has surprised me with its delicious nutty, sweet and complex taste. I can’t remember the Maris Widgeon from 2019 being as tasty as this year’s harvest. It is a wheat that performs well for bread making and produces a loaf with a delicious, complex taste. Amongst my favourites from this year’s harvest.

The dough developed well using the stretch and fold method and achieved

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